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P.TRE a dynamic and pioneering enterprise, boasts years of experience in the working of wire and is a position to satisfy the various demands of the customer with excellent quality, assuring guaranteed immediate delivery from a range of their products, due to the efficient internal handling of the sales department and warehouse. Thanks to the collaboration of the highly qualified staff, P.TRE can offer the best in technology, giving its customers a complete working schedule starting from the supply of
raw material, always certified, that is carefully selected following the most rigid critery to guarantee the best performance of each article produced. The planning, the vital part of the schedule, is carried out meticulously by skilled technicians; in this phase various protoypes are realized and tested by quality machinery, which carry out the srictest checks on the article. Only after having passed this tests, in the prototype coded and included in the working itinerary.
The production, made by latest machinery which is constantly kept up-to-date, is capable of satisfying our customers most diverse request, producing different sized batches of goods, regardless of quantity. The products is finally checked thoroughly to make sure there are no irregularities that could affect the quality. The external finishing touches are assigned to companies with our complete trust that guarantee the highest supervision and workmanship, either for the superficial treatment of zinc coating in white, yellow, black or dacromet as for chromium plating, nickel plating and dressing.

The range of P.TRE’s products include:

  • tension, compression and torsion springs
  • metal ware by iron
  • steel ribbon
  • Small metal products
  • Thread and special working
  • Chairs' structures
  • Chairs' components at drawing
  • Electrowelded parts
  • Accessories for equipment
  • Accessories for curtains
  • Painting hooks and frames
  • Bars